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Behind the Back Fence

Behind the Back Fence

By Lowell

In the last issue I commented about the “Having  the Talk of a Lifetime” deck of cards.  I couldn’t visualize my house full of relatives sitting down as a group to seriously discuss these issues as infrequently that we are all together.  Perhaps two or three individuals at a time, but not in the depth for which they are intended.

On the other hand—my friend Charlie, from Bartlesville, who is a Oklahoma Toastmaster officer looked at the cards and though they would be great conversation starter questions.

We have been making some modest renovations to the funeral home portion of our facility for other uses and to help with the eventual sale of the real estate.  Some of the bird nest builders have been disturbed.

I have had enough other interests that there has been no regrets about not being involved in funerals.  Of course, I did not plan on losing vision to this degree and other old age disabilities.

I remember meeting a funeral service colleague Gene Lohmeyer in a clinic down at Springfield years ago when he said, “Lowell, don’t ever sell out. I don’t have any hobbies and I’m lost.”

I think at least two more of my neighboring colleagues will be retiring after selling out. Fortunately they are still in viable market areas.

Sharp business professionals can often switch to a niche market when original demographics make a drastic change downward.  For many of us in the rural areas and some cities there is such drastic decline in population or economic factors there is no niche viable enough to survive in your service area.

This story has been repeated by every kind of business and profession since pilgrims arrived and the great plains were settled.  In our town the first three coffin sellers on record only lasted briefly before our family started its 113 year run.

About the Author:

Lowell Pugh has had funeral director and embalmer licenses in Missouri and Texas.  He is publisher of The Dead Beat which began in 1999.  He can be contacted at The Dead Beat address and editor@thedead-beat.com

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