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Behind the Back Fence

Behind the Back Fence

By Lowell

CHANGE Continued from Mortuary Muse

Oh, by the way, did I mention the “local” banking situation?  Well, the first 25 years of my business owner life things were pretty good.  In fact when the bank ownership changed for the second time in my lifetime—the new guys were great.  The new bank president visited most business owners asking how he could help them.  The bank leadership took an active roll in industrial development and matched money by an effort by the Chamber of Commerce to help small businesses pay the interest on building improvement loans. 

But, alas, things changed.  The next owner bought our bank so they could expand to the county seat and then our bank became a branch bank.  Came a change in Federal law and we were merged into the owner’s other bank group.  A couple of years ago they sold to a large group in Arkansas.,

So we ultimately went from a time when the president came to my door and asked how they could help to the point a couple of years ago when the person in the loan office stopped coming in daily and the person filling the absence  could not even speculate when I might get an appointment to discuss a loan for a major roof repair.

A new day has arrived! A few months ago the bank outfit sold again.  This time to an even larger and prestigious chain.  Press releases promised seamless transition and continued “great” service.  The actual new sign would come along shortly.  Last month they notified us they are closing this branch and we can travel to neighboring town for same great service.  This resulting in no bank in town at all.

For this tirade I’ll not discuss FTC, state boards or preneed and I must digress before closing.  It is said that Henry Ford did not care what you said about him as long as you spelled his name right.  The daily news is full of stories about businesses and people who are getting FREE advertising as their names are repeated over and over again.  For that reason I seldom speak or write the names of the offenders.  However for this exercise, I will offer three names as representatives of their categories.  I do have some limitations on my expression because we really aren’t supposed to hate people.

So let it merely be stated that I DESPISE     the policies of Walmart, Arvest Bank and Donald Trump!!

And by the way—in retrospect life without change would be pretty boring.

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Lowell Pugh has had funeral director and embalmer licenses in Missouri and Texas.  He is publisher of The Dead Beat which began in 1999.  He can be contacted at The Dead Beat address and editor@thedead-beat.com

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