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Bill Stalter           

Dear Counselor.

By Bill Stalter

Dear Counselor,

A local cemetery sells grave markers and monuments on a preneed basis.  The cemetery will only guarantee the purchase price for 5 years, and thereafter, the price will be determined when delivery is requested.  Is that permissible?

In most Midwest states, it probably is.  Cemeteries adopt this type of policy because consumers often seek to delay placement of a marker or monument even when it is paid in full.  A grave marker serves as a reminder of mortality that most of us want to avoid.  But, the consumer’s decision to delay delivery of a marker has an economic impact on the cemetery.   The costs of granite and bronze are climbing much faster than the investment return on the cemetery’s merchandise trust.  State law will require a percentage of the marker’s purchase price to be deposited to trust.  The investment return on trusts are not keeping pace with marker costs, and so the cemetery will pass on monument costs when the consumer is refusing to accept delivery of the marker.  Some cemeteries are including provisions in their contracts to require delivery, but other cemeteries would rather give the consumer the right to defer delivery so long as they also assume the additional costs.

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